Urman Dictionary



To receive or discover a superior option immediately after irrevocably chosing an inferior option.

Can be the result of a vexpoint.

Gabriele considered the cards in his hand. None of the nouns he held seemed to fit especially well with the adjective card, “Radiant”, in the middle of the table. “Doing the Dishes” wasn’t radiant. Neither were “Knock-Knock Jokes."
“Come on, Gab, make your play,” said Madelaine from beside him. Gabriele sighed and threw “Lobster” down into the pile of red cards. Maybe he had a chance if this round’s judge liked seafood. Probably not. He drew another noun card from the deck, and—
“Man! Every time! I’m always postpwning in this game!” he blurted, looking at the new card which bore the words “Marie Curie.”