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The mixture of satisfaction and sadness that comes from seeing a project through to completion and knowing you won’t be working on it anymore.

Having been posting to Urman Dictionary for a full year, Dan was proud of what he’d accomplished but also a bit wistful at seeing it end. And so, it was with a great sense of sadisfaction that Dan closed out the final entry.

Thanks for reading.



Initially surprising but upon examination not surprising in the slightest.

“Did you hear? Samir and Reut broke up."
“Oh my god! But they were always so… hap… no, no they really weren’t. They fought a lot. This is actually surprobvious; I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming.”



To find the right music to complement one’s mood.

Aliya thumbed through the songs on her mp3 player. Nothing quite seemed to match the melancholy she was feeling. Everything was too cheerful, too high-energy, too angry, or too bright. Frustrated by her failure to casparmuse, she gave up and switched to radio. It didn’t fit her mood any better, but at least the song selection wasn’t her fault anymore.



A phrase that has a clear origin but is primarily used outside of that context.

“Pink is the new black” may be a snowclone, but “rinse and repeat” is a phrasome. It’s used without modification for the same essential meaning in a variety of situations, very few of which include lathering.



To use a proper name to refer to a behavior or trait, thereby associating it with the named entity.

“It was a really tense situation, so I pulled a Kiku and that helped a lot."
“Wait, you what?"
“Oh! Kiku! Sorry, I didn’t see you there. Uh, yeah, so, pulling a Kiku is making a dumb joke just to get people to laugh."
“…hmm. Okay. I can think of worse things to be essenomized about.”



Any creation or action which does not have intrinsic value but is intended to spread awareness or spark discussion.

Poking through the East Mid-Central Video Game Museum, Subash came across a strange exhibit. It was an old Atari joystick hooked up to a TV that was playing some fantasy adventure movie. You had to hold the stick to the right to make the movie play - otherwise it would pause. And sometimes it would pause anyway, and show a picture of the joystick button next to a number, and you had to press the button that many times for the movie to unpause.
Naturally the exhibit wasn’t any fun as a game, and it was an obnoxious way to watch a movie. It was clearly an articurio intended to get people thinking and talking about agency, interactivity, and what is and isn’t a game.

ultima donna

noun phrase

A member of a group whose direct individual contributions to the shared goal may not be significant, but who views their own needs as subservient to the group’s and who improves the group’s cohesion and effectiveness through supportive teamwork. The opposite of a prima donna.

“What’s the new guy’s name? Bran? He’s a real team player."
“Team player? Heck, he’s an ultima donna. Yesterday when Sara and Carlito were complaining that we were out of Dr Pepper, Bran went out on his lunch break and bought two cases of it. It took his whole break so he had to eat lunch at his desk afterward.”



Influenced by market forces that do not incentivize creating the best customer experience.

It’s common wisdom that most telecom companies provide bad customer service because they don’t have true competition. Car dealers are also antagapotropic, since buying a car is a large one-time purchase and it’s more in the dealer’s interest to squeeze as much as they can out of it than to try to encourage repeat business.



Fear that one’s creative output will not be liked.

Must be overcome in order to be endivo.

Nikolas had been writing poetry for a long time, but hadn’t managed to overcome his ateloscopity and show it to anyone. Even posting it online under a pseudonym was too frightening, especially with the internet’s recent tendency to uncover and publicly disclose the personal details of anyone it didn’t like.



Relief from realizing a potentially-embarrassing communication went to the right audience.

Louie’s phone buzzed, and he saw he had a text from his mother-in-law. It simply said, “What are you talking about?"
For a moment, Louie panicked - mere minutes earlier he had texted “HAHA WHOOPS FORGOT MY UNDERWEAR” to his wife as part of their running joke. He checked the message history, and much to his debarragrin saw that the text had in fact gone to his wife, and her mother was responding to a much earlier text asking about an upcoming family gathering, rendered incomprehensible by autocorrect.



The burst of motivation, focus, and inspiration that comes from an imminent deadline.

Can drive one to abitulate.

I am not going to tell you how many times I had no ideas for an Urman Dictionary definition until the adrenalimit hit and I squeaked in a post just before the clock ran out.



To stay in bed when one could get up and probably should, especially when it’s clear that one will not fall back asleep.

Can induce brainsprinkles. Done too long, can cause crud factor. Can be brought to a sudden end by a nodstopper.

Anselma was awake, more or less. It was 7:13 AM on a Saturday, and years of an unvarying work schedule had robbed her of the ability to sleep past seven. She knew she should get up and start her day - there was a lot she wanted to get done this weekend - but it had been a long week and her brain needed a break, so she bedzoned a while longer.



To decorate in a way that is not visible.

Mahmoud normally just left his workstation up, email client and IDE running. But he was about to take a week’s vacation away from the office, so figured he might as well shut things down at the end of the day. Closing his applications, he was surprised to see his desktop wallpaper - it was a photo he’d taken on a hike with friends a couple of months previous. He had no memory of setting it, and having his programs up all the time meant it had been decoccluded anyway. Still, it was nice to see, and reminded him of pleasant memories - the type he’d make more of in his time off.



Surprise and disorientation at how much a well-known person or place has changed while one was away.

The unexpected absence of this can cause ellidaundwing.

“Remy? Remy, is that you?"
“Miron! I haven’t seen you in ages!"
“Yeah! We should catch up! I was just about to go get lunch at the steakhouse - care to join me?"
“Oh, uh - it’d be good to catch up over lunch, but can we go somewhere else? I’m vegan now."
“What? Ribeye Remy is vegan? You’re giving me some serious conoshock over here. What else is different?”



Refusal to accept an incomplete collection.

Browsing her local comic shop, Annmarie was pleasantly surprised to find a figurine of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. She was about to buy it when she noticed Zoe and Wash on an adjacent shelf and realized it was a set. Getting excited, she scanned for the other characters - but there was no Jayne. Disappointed, she left without buying anything, knowing her percolegism would prevent her from being able to enjoy having some but not all of the crew of the Serenity.



To greedily and rapidly sample or partake of a variety of things.

Leith had a very strict philosophy of how to make the best of a Chinese buffet. Since food quality was generally mediocre, it was important to eat quickly so that one would be hungry enough to enjoy it, and to bolster the taste with variety. Simply filling up a plate with large servings of one or two items and eating it slowly would lead to a suboptimal experience, Leith felt - instead, one should splurzip, taking a little of everything and wolfing it down.



Unable to shake the feeling that something significant will at any moment be revealed to be a prank, misunderstanding, or otherwise unreal.

Browsing Craigslist one afternoon, Sigmund saw a posting for what was basically his dream job, but for which he was thoroughly unqualified. He applied anyway, knowing he’d always regret it if he didn’t. To his shock, he got an interview, and a second, and finally an offer. When he was being shown around the office on his first day at work, he half expected to discover the whole thing was some kind of hidden camera show. It was a couple of months before he stopped being affiddlested and accepted that no, he really was a professional chocolate taster.



To shut down free marketing by claiming copyright infringement.

Often caused by motivations similar to those that create moneyblocks.

A huge fan of the Hunger Games movies, Esmeralda was quite excited to hear that the trailer for the newest one had been released. Searching on YouTube, she found a video of it - but when she tried to watch it, she saw only a message that it had been taken down due to a copyright claim by Lionsgate. She sat dumbfounded for a moment, wondering why the studio would markotage themselves that way, before finding another video.



Something that appears to convey great knowledge or deep insight to the inexperienced, but appears flawed or ill-conceived to the experienced.

Re-reading the books she’d loved as a child, Abigail was pleased at how many held up and were still enjoyable and held good lessons even for an adult. But some were clearly profundasters, much less impressive now that she had more perspective and could see how simplistic or one-sided they were.



A person who touches people when greeting them.

Oh, here comes Riley. He’s a bopster, so don’t be alarmed if he touches your shoulder when he says hi.